Sunlight Lamp Features & Benefits

The features of sunlight lamp are:

-This lamp can be used anywhere in your room.

-Alarm clock helps wake you up gently with the gradual brightening light.

-Provide soothing sounds which relaxes you completely.

The benefits of using the sunlight lamp are tremendous, they are:

-Increase one’s energy levels.

-Reduces eye strain.

-Reduces stress.

-Help create better contrast.

-Improved production of Vitamin D.

Nowadays, several sunlight desk lamps are available which offer natural full spectrum light facility which stimulates the daylight inside. They save energy by offering 150 incandescent that is equivalent to the watts-of-light. The regular kind of light bulbs are not the best ways for getting that glow nor are those advanced compact fluorescent bulbs. see it here

One of such natural sunlight lamp is the ‘Bell & Howell sunlight floor lamp’ which features 27watt bulb, full-spectrum light, five-thousand hour bulb that is 5-feet tall. They utilize advanced technology of lighting, i.e., the outdoor light is simulated which balances the overall colour spectrum making light visible to human eye without any hindrance. The bulbs for these lamps are manufactured in China and America.

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